Located right in the heart of the city Klagenfurt, our hotel offers  you the exclusive opportunity to overnight in a historical styled room. Feel free to choose between Toskanian Renaissance or the age Louis XVI.

The rooms and suites in our hotel are equipped with pictures painted by well known Venetian Masters and Dutch painters or master pieces of Hans Makart.

You can experience a travel back in time by walking in to our hotel-Lobby, where you will be able to see the amazing hand-sculptured bar. If you find yourself an art-lover you will be enthusiastic.

We would be honored to welcome you as a guest in our Hotel.

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With the car you are able to reach us by Tauern-Autobahn (chargeable) in app. 3 to 4 hours from Munich. If you drive from Vienna you have to choose the Südautobahn. Highway by Salzburg-Munich, Passau-Vienna, Udine and Ljubljana. You can find it hereby attached: online routeplanner.


International trains travelling from all over the biggest cities Europe. The main station of Klagenfurt is 1,5 km away from our hotel. You can find it hereby attached: train connection.


Daily flights from Vienna and some important cities Germanys. The Airport of Klagenfurt is 5,5 km away from our hotel.

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